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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Surgery Update

Teagun has his tonsil and adenoids taken out yesterday and tubes put back in his ears. The surgery itself was very quick - I'd say the doctor came out to tell us he was done in about 30 minutes. He said the nurses were all completely shocked with how big both his tonsils and adenoids were and they see a lot of tonsils and adenoids, so they were bad! Teagun did not want to wake up from the surgery though - he was one sleeply little guy. And once he was finally staying awake long enough to talk to him, they required him to drink something before they would let us go. Well, he was having none of that. I finally had to take a syringe full of apple juice and force it down him so we could leave. Poor guy! After we were in the recovery room for about an hour trying to get him to drink something the doctor came back by to check on us and told us the nurses had told him when they brought Teagun back to surgery that he was going to be one of those kids that won't drink anything and will become dehydrated...they said they could just tell by his personality. Well, at the doctor's office it sure looked that way, but once we got home he did great! He drank two full sippy cups full of apple juice yesterday and is drinking fine today too. Proved them wrong (thankfully!) :) He is also eating very well. Makes my throat hurt watching him though because you can tell it hurts. But I can already tell a big difference in his snoring, so I'm sure he is going to be getting much better sleep now that the tonsils and adenoids are out and it will be the best thing for him in the long run.
I just threw my little point and shoot camera in my purse on the way out the door because I didn't want to lug my big camera there. Here area couple pictures of Teagun in his little hospital gown waiting to be taken back to surgery.


Brianne said...

AW, look how cute he is in his hospital gown! I am so glad everything went well and he will be feeling better in no time at all!

Angela said...

He does look adorable in his gown!! What a cutie! I am so glad to hear that it all went well and hopefully he is recovering quickly and will be eating GREAT really soon!!

Anne-Marie said...

Poor little guy! I hope he recovers quickly.

Janice said...

Glad everything went well! I hope he feels better soon! I still can't believe how big his tonsils were!

Andrea said...

I am so glad things went well. He looks pretty darn cute in the hospital gown, too!

Jennifer said...

I have been out of town but have been thinking about Teagun's surgery. I am so glad everything went well.

I am lovin these pictures, he is just too darn cute!!!