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Friday, October 26, 2007


So I have been looking into getting some software to be able to do slideshows and had this trial version on one now for well over a month. However, I could NOT figure out how to hook it to my website to be able to view it. I seriously kept emailing both the software company and my website company trying to figure it out and it turns out I am just a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff - it was working the entire time, I just wasn't adding the .html at the end of the url. ::rolling eyes:: :) Anyway, remember when our family went to Oregon about two months ago? Well, here is a very short little slideshow I made of our trip...just a little late! As I stated, this is just a trial version of the software, so it has a yellow strip across it stating this. But I wanted to test it out on all of you to make sure it works and such. Let me know if you have any problems seeing/hearing it. Thanks!

Oregon Coast Slideshow

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