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Saturday, October 27, 2007

One Month To Go

Until the baby is due! Official countdown has begun! And in honor of only having one month to go I thought I would share some of my maternity pictures I had taken. If you remember from a couple posts down a photographer friend of mine and I swapped services - I took her family pictures and she took some maternity pictures of me. Trevor ended up having to work this day so wasn't able to join us, and Teagun wanted nothing to do with the pictures, but we were able to sneak him into a couple at least. I have had a couple strangers on different occasions recently ask me if I was having a Valentine's baby and are completey surprised when I say it is a Thanksgiving baby. I don't feel that small and thank goodness I am not only 5 months along, or I would be on the road to gaining WAY too much weight! :)

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures!


Jami said...

you look so cute! I can totally relate to the small references. I hope the next month flies by for you. You'll be holding that baby before you know it!

You have one month to shop for a laptop for hospital updates! I am dying to know the gender.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! You look great and you really do look so little!

I agree with Jami, you need a laptop for hospital have a lot of people wanting to know the gender of that baby :-)

Becky said...

Your belly is too cute!! These pictures are great and you look like the perfect pregnant woman. :)

Ang said...

WOW! You look absolutely awesome in these pictures and you do look really little!!!

I am one of those dying to find out what you are having!!!

Janice said...

I keep saying this over and over but I honestly believe you are having a GIRL!!!

You look beautiful! Keri did an awesome job!! The leaves look gorgeous!

Andrea said...

You look amazing! Your belly is perfect!

Kristen said...

They all came out great! I love the book shot the best.. very cute.. and gotta love the bare feet! :)

Sheena said...

Those are adorable, and you are tiny...I look HUGE compared to you! :)