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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We went up to the Pumpkin Patches last weekend and picked out pumpkins - one for each member of the family, including the baby this year! Teagun is pretty cute - everytime we pull into our driveway and he sees the pumpkins sitting on the front porch he says, "Daddy pumpkin, Mommy pumpkin, Teagun pumpkin, and Baby pumpkin!" It was freezing last weekend when we went up there (I think it was maybe 45 degrees), so it was a quick trip. We pretty much just picked out our pumpkins quickly and then let Teagun ride the little train they had there and then jumped back into the warm car. Here are a couple pictures from our adventure though.

And I even got in one of the pictures! I definitely prefer behind the camera, especially when I am pregnant - gotta love that fat pregnant face! :)


Kimberly said...

Well I think you look like a cute pregnant chick! Aren't pumpkin patches the best!

Andrea said...

"baby pumpkin"?! That is SO cute!

I think you look great- don't be so hard on yourself! :)

Brianne said...

Shut up about your "fat face"! You look so CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Jaidean you look great! I would have never guessed you to be pregnant!!


Janice said...

I agree. You don't even look pregnant in the picture! Love the pictures! I bet you're getting so excited to meet your little one soon!

Liza, Edgar y Rodrigo said...

You look amazing Jaidean.. seriously!
And Teagun is such a cutie!! He's turning into a little man!

Jennifer said...

I agree with everyone else you look so cute!

Looks like the pumpkin patch was fun! Love the picture of Teagun by himself, he looks so cute!

I can't believe how cold it is there....we are still in the 80's, but I am ready for some cold weather!

stephanie said...

you guys look so cute! I love that jean jacket- you look great! :)

Kimberly said...

You guys look adorable. You are such a cute pg girl!