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Monday, September 3, 2007

Halloween Sneak Peak

I got a little side-tracked while working on the Oregon pictures. I promise I will finish out the week here soon for anyone that even cares! :)

I got Teagun's costume in the mail last week and had the chance on Friday to try it on him and take some pictures. It is so dang cute. It is definitely difficult to walk-in though - good thing we probably won't be going trick-or-treating again this year...just at my office at work.

He told me the horsey needed to eat some hay right here.

My little "Urban Cowboy" collage I made up (click to enlarge picture)


Janice said...

Love that collage!!!!! Hey, that could be a Halloween banner!

Angela said...

Love the costume!!! It is just too cute!!!

Jami said...

that is the cutest costume!! It looks like he had fun playing in it.

Becky said...

Oh my gosh! Those pictures made me laugh! I love the costume and Teagun is such a cutie. :)

Andrea said...

How cute! He looks adorable. Your vacation pics are fabulous too!

Jennifer said...

That is just too cute!!!

Kristina Young said...

That first picture seriously looks like it should be a magazine ad.