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Monday, September 10, 2007

and finally...The Last Few Days

Of our trip to Oregon! Seriously, where does time go???

On Wednesday, we laid pretty low. I was exhausted for some reason and slept a ton! Teagun did get to go out and go crabbing with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Logun though. He was pretty excited about that. And they caught enough for us to have crab dinner that night - yum!

And just one of Teagun being silly after he got off the boat.

On Thursday we drove to Portland and went to the Oregon Zoo. It is a very cool zoo! Teagun was just a little bit tired by the end of the week though, so it was actually a pretty quick trip and I hardly took any pictures there!

Friday was our last day before we headed home. We went to this cool beach and took some family pictures which I will share in the next day or so (along with some favorite shots over the week). We also went back to Cannon Beach and walked around and went out to dinner. Here is one of Teagun I took while waiting for Grandma Mary to come out of the shell shop (she is a shell collector, so it took awhile!). And one of Trevor and Teagun with his mom and sister.


Jennifer said...

Great pictures, it looks like you guys had a nice vacation. I just can't get over the long pants & shirts you guys had to wear.

Christina said...

I LOVE that navy blue shirt he is wearing. It is oh so cool!! - Tigers