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Friday, September 21, 2007

What's Happening???

Since I have been horrible about posting pictures lately, I guess I need to become a writer...which I am not and have never claimed to be! :) So thought I would give a quick update on how we are doing.

Teagun is cuter than ever (of course!) :) I love this age soooo much! I'm kind of worried about when he turns 3 now though because everybody says that you either get the "terrible twos" or it comes when they are 3. Now he definitely can try our patience at times, but his little sayins, facial expressions, personality are all so much fun and make us laugh daily. His favorite saying right now is, "What's a ______ do?" The blank could be anything - bulldozer, flower, shoe, ect. and you have to be quick on your feet responding back to him. What does a flower do??? I just told him "Looks pretty." last night!?!?!? He has also become quite the little helper in the kitchen. Whenever he hears me start to make dinner he comes running in asking, "Mommy hold you? Teagun help?" So I have to pull a chair over and give him a spoon and let him help me as much as possible. It is pretty fun most of the time.

The last one of his ear tubes fell out last weekend. The first one fell out about 3-5 months ago (we didn't see that one) and he ended up with an ear infection in that ear not soon after. We go in next week for his one year ear check-up and we are going to schedule an appointment to get his tonsils out. Have I ever posted a picture showing his tonsils on here? I will have to try and dig one up or get him to show us again so I can - they are HUGE! Like there is just barely enough space between them so that they aren't touching. I'm sure whenever he swallows food, it has to hit them. He snores horribly because of them too. I doubt they will put the tubes back in this soon after since he has only had one ear infection since they have fallen out, but if there is any indication that he may need them again, I am really hoping they will put them back in while he is getting his tonsils out so he doesn't have to be put under twice!

Potty training is back to a stand still. He just fights us on it sooo much right now, we figured he isn't quite ready. They say they will tell us when they are, but it is driving me insane - that's for sure! He's a stubborn little guy when it comes to this! I think we may have to wait until after the baby comes because I've read several different studies saying most kids regress when a big change happens in their life (such as a new sibling), so I think we will let him adjust to that change first before we start pushing it really hard again. I am just keeping my fingers crossed he is done by age 3 - which is the average for boys!

I am doing and feeling great! Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks! Wow, this pregnancy has gone by soooo fast! Less than 10 weeks away until we get to meet our new little one. I will try and take a picture tomorrow and post it. I had to take my 1 hour glucose screening test a couple weeks ago and failed that, so they called me back in to take the 3 hour one. I failed the 1 hour one with Teagun too and had to take the 3 hour one. I remember it being way worse last time than this time though, so that was good! I passed it, so I don't have to go on a strict diet...though that would probably be good for me and I'm not motivated enough to actually just do it myself!

And...Trevor is doing great! That's all! (hee-hee). How sad is it that I don't have any new news on him??? Well, I guess I wouldn't have anything new about me either if I weren't pregnant and it is supposed to be all about the kids now, right?!?!? :)

Here are probably the only two pictures I have taken in the last couple of weeks. When we planted grass this spring there were some patches that wouldn't grow because our backyard is pretty sandy. So here is one of Trevor and Teagun shoveling out dirt from his pickup so hopefully the seed will stick and grow in this instead. And then one of Teagun taking a little break.


Janice said...

I still can't believe you're holding out on what you're having! Sorry about failing the glucose test. I am sure everything is fine, though.

I have the same thing going on with Cameron - he will not even sit on the potty. The pediatrician said not to push and that he will tell you when he's ready. But I know what you mean about going insane.

BTW, my pics are pixelated like yours when I type in the URL into Blogger. So what I do is just copy/paste (embed) the html code of the picture. :-)

Kim Harms said...

I had to do a double take when I read you are almost 30 weeks! Wow!! Time has really flown by! Not too much longer now, yay!

Good luck with the 3 hour glucose test!

Kimberly said...

There is NO WAY that you are 30 weeks already! It just doesn't seem like you've been pregnant that long! WOW! It definitely won't be long now.

And I knew a little girl that had tonsils like Teagun...the doc called them "kissing tonsils." But take it from a person who had their tonsils removed at age it young!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

You are 30 weeks! Wow! It seems like you just announced your pregnancy.

Teagun sounds cute as ever and of course doing some of the same things as Devin. When I read the part about Teagun helping in the kitchen I just laughed b/c Devin does the exact same thing.

I love this age too and am worried about Devin turning 3 too. We have definitely not experienced the terrible twos yet, so I hope he is not holding out until 3.

Becky said...

I can't believe you are 30 weeks already!! Good luck with your 3-hour test, I am hoping the results are good for you. :) And Teagun is so cute as always!