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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Teagun had his one year follow-up appointment at the ENT for the tubes in his ears and to check out his tonsils (again). They kept telling us his tonsils would get smaller as he got older, but today the doctor said there is no way they should still be as big as they are, so he said it is time to take them out. He snores horribly and is not the greatest eater - I'm guessing because it probably hits them as he swallows. He mainly eats soft things like cottage cheese and macaroni and cheese. The doctor agreed this was probably the reason. Trevor took him to the appointment this morning and I told him to make sure to get the appointment before the baby is due because I didn't want to have to take care of a new baby and him when he wasn't feeling well. Well, they were able to get us in on Tuesday - and this is the place where it takes at least a month or two to even get in to see a doctor??? Kind of strange, but I am glad we are going to be able to get it out of the way. They also want to put the tubes back in his ears because he still has quite a bit of fluid in there. At least they can do it all at once while he is out. Poor guy - hopefully this is the last of being put under for a LONG time!!!

So I attempted to get a picture of his tonsils for you all to see and he was less than cooperative tonight (did I mention below how he hadn't hit the terrible two's yet...well, I think he has hit them the last day or so!). But here is a picture where you can at least kind of see them in there! Sorry about the sun flare coming down the middle - very distracting, but it was the only one I caught with his mouth open!

And I did catch one of him smiling too!


Angela said...

Those are some big tonsils!! WOW! Hopefully the surgery will go well and he will be eating like a champ soon!!!

Janice said...

Hope his surgery goes by fast and he recoverss quickly!!!