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Monday, August 18, 2008

Expecting #3

I had the great pleasure to meet Kari who is expecting her third child next month. She had traditional maternity pictures done with her first and wanted this one to focus more on her and her children. Mr. S and Miss. M were just adorable and are so excited to meet their baby brother next month. Enjoy your sneak peak!


20080816-00-129 b&w



Keri said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! She looks wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

You and the kids look beautiful. What great pictures. -m

Mary V said...

Jaidean for a second when I was scrolling down all I saw was the post title "Expecting #3" and I thought YOU were expecing another!!! hahahah!!!

JessWphotography said...

I love that last one, amazing shot and lighting!