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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DRAMA queen

Isn't she too young for drama?!?! A few outtakes from the pictures I took this weekend of Emery. She kept doing this totally fake cry trying to get me to stop. It was cracking me up (is that mean that I just laugh at her??). :)



and the "can this be any more boring, mom?" look...



Jami said...

how funny! she is so stinking cute!

Holly said...

haha, these are too least my kid isn't the only one that does that... ;o)

Miller Mommy said...

I am cracking up here!! She is soooo dramatic!! You gotta love it and I am sure she was none too impressed with you laughing at her, but I would've been doing the same thing!!

Jaclynn said...

You are turning her into teagun...not liking her picture getting taken! Geez Jai!

loves, Jaclynn

Crista said...

I love that first one! Just classic!