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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teagun Update

Teagun's turn! Probably won't be as long as Emery's since he isn't doing so many new things in short amounts of time now, but still wanted to do a post dedicated to him.

- Teagun is going through a "I hate the camera" phase...again. It is an on-and-off again love for him. Ok, it rarely is ever "on", but he definitely cooperates sometimes for me. He will not have any of that lately.

- He will probably kill me for posting this in public later on in life, but it cracked me up, so thought I would share. He "nursed" his Boo Bear last week. I was feeding Emery and he came up next to us, lift his shirt, and proceeded to feed his bear.

- His new phrase is "Oh my gosh!" and says it with such enthusiasm no matter what it is. "OH MY GOSH, Mom, look at that mixer!"

- He remembers everything now. Definitely have to really think about what I am "promising" him now in our discussions!

- He LOVES to spend the night at his grandparents. He just stayed the weekend with my parents and cried and cried when they brought him back home. Made me sad!

- His imagination has just exploded! He is always telling us these funny and crazy stories. Just amazes me sometimes.

- Anytime he sees a bunch of trees, he says it is the "wilderness" (no matter if it is in the city of not) and there might be tigers in there. We must be careful! :)

Ok, I realized I need to do these more often with him because he says funny things or does something funny all the time, but I have the memory, so need to write about it write away or I forget about it.

Anyway, this is what I get when I try to take a picture of him lately. Absolutely NO eye contact and then runs away. ALL. THE. TIME. Booooo!!!




Stacey said...

Ha Ha!! Owen is doing a few of these too! His new favorite saying is "Holy Cow" and the past 2 weekends he's spent the night at my mom's house and didn't want to come back! All last week he would wake up, get his shoes, go to the front door and say "Mimi's house". Oh - and thanks for the idea of Owen updates. I'm a bad mom with those since Ben's come and like you I'll want to remember someday.

Mary V said...

very cool Teagan update!! and great sunflare in those pictures!!! That one of him running away made me chuckle!!!
Mary V

Shana-Lynn said...

He is looking so big!

Jen said...

Like Stacey said, THANK you for this inspiration. I have been awful about keeping track of all this stuff on Rhett. I love seeing updates about your kiddos. I can't believe Teagan is so big!