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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emery Update

Thought I would do a post about what new things Emery has been up to. I want to try to do this for both kids more often.

* She likes to take a mouthful of food and then blow a big zerbert (Ok, I have no idea how to actually spell that?!?!) so it goes all over me. Thinks that is pretty funny as a matter of fact. Me, not so much!

* She can push herself into sitting position. Has been doing this the past couple of weeks.

* Started CRAWLING yesterday! Yikes! Teagun didn't start crawling until 8.5 months, so I was hoping to have another month before she did!

* Still no teeth and no sign of them really. Teagun's always popped up on us unexpectantly too though, so maybe soon.

* Is finally starting to sleep better. Still has not slept through the whole night yet (well, she is going anywhere between 6-8 hours at night, but she goes to bed at 7pm, so even if she sleeps 8 hours she is getting up at 3am still. But she is good about just eating and then going right back to sleep until around 7:30am).

* Loves, I main really loves, to eat. Puffs, cut-up bananas, crackers, spaghetti noodles, bread - you name it, she will eat it (along with all her baby food - haven't found anything she doesn't like yet). And she is actually really good at self-feeding. Seemed like it took Teagun forever to figure that out.

* Would live outside if we allowed it. Anytime she is being grouchy, I just have to take her outside and she is perfectly happy. She also loves the pool too - the cold water does not phase her at all.

* Still nursing, but I think she is just tolerating it now for my sake! My supply has gone down soooo much the past few weeks that we are now supplementing formula quite a bit so she isn't starving. I should probably just give it up, but I am having a hard time...probably because I know she is my last and I am not ready for my baby to "grow up" just yet! :)

* Much to my dismay, she doesn't like shoes. She will kick and pull at them until they come off. Teagun wore shoes from day one and I never left the house without shoes on him and he never had any problems wearing them. Emery, however, never has shoes on. Guess we are saving some money there at least! Hopefully she changes her mind about shoes here soon because I was so excited to have a girl and get all the cute girl shoes they have!



Jennifer said...

I love reading these kinds of posts. Sounds like Emery has been up to a lot lately. She is just too cute, that is a bummer about the shoes.

Anne-Marie said...

First of all, I just love that you used the word "zerbert" Was that even a real word before the Cosby's?

Sounds like Emery's growing really well! I'm so impressed with her food experience. Calla was a champ with baby food for about a week, but then starting refusing it, so we gave it up, but I never really thought to try table food with her. It's funny how quickly we forget those things when #2 comes around.

Congrats to you for keeping up with BFing this long! I'm in the exact same boat with Calla. We started supplementing this week, and I'm shocked how much my supply's gone down already.

What can you do? As long as they're happy and healthy, who cares, right?!

Jami said...

Emery is getting so big! I can't believe she is eating table food so well already. Addison is just starting to come around to the different textures, but still isn't a real fan of table food.

Addison doesn't care for shoes either. I think she has wide feet like her dad and brother, which really upsets me because Zack can't fit into a lot of shoes and I didn't want her to have the same problem. I just love girl's shoes.

Miller Mommy said...

I love this post! She sounds so fun! I should do a post like this for the boys! Tanner is doing new stuff all the time...if nothing else to remind me later when I am old and my mind is going :)