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Friday, July 4, 2008


I subscribe to Parents Magazine and a couple months ago I noticed they were having a "cover model" contest. I put the magazine aside, got busy, and forgot about it. Then my friend, Monica, emailed me urging me to enter. So I upload some pictures of Emery that I had recently taken. Done. Forgot about it. Then this past Wednesday night I receive a call, "May I speak to Emery's mother please?" Ok, weird! Is my daughter in trouble already?? :) It was Parents Magazine telling us that she was a semi-finalist! They narrowed it down to 20 semi-finalist (and there were over a million pictures entered!). They told me they would be emailing me that evening and I would need to answer a couple questions and submit five more pictures by July 15th. They will then narrow it down to 5 finalist who will get to fly to New York City for a photoshoot and a chance to be on the cover of the magazine! I have no idea if we have a chance or not, but I am just so thrilled she is a semi-finalist! I think she is pretty darn cute, but I am a biased mother and all! :) Even if we don't win a trip to New York we will have a chance to win an ipod nano (woo-hoo!). They will be putting all semi-finalists pictures on their website and everyone will be able to vote for their favorite. So when the voting starts for that I will let you all know! But now the pressure of actually getting five pictures to submit that I just love is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought! I just like to take pictures of her for fun and now I feel like there is pressure! Oh well...I just need to relax and let her be herself. The pictures taken for the first round were not specifically taken for a contest afterall. Anyway, I thought I would share the five pictures I submitted. I have no idea if one was the "winner" or if they take them all into consideration, but here they are. And if we hear any additional news, I will be sure to let you know!




20080530-49 b&w



Kimberly said...

OMG how awesome!!! Trust me you won't have a problem getting votes b/c #1 she's ADORABLE and #2 I'll have the free world voting!

Denton Den said...

Amazing pictures(as always)! I am 100% sure you will be traveling to New York in August! Just say the word and we will vote!

Jennifer said...

Oh how exciting! I can see why she is a semi-finalist, she is adorable.

Shana-Lynn said...

I can totally see her on the cover of Parent Magazine! I am so excited for you. Congrats and good luck with getting the 5 more you need. I know you'll do a wonderful job!!

Karmen said...

Congrats!!!! What a cool experience! And Mommy-goggles or not, she is a beau-ti-ful baby! Let us know so we can all vote for her!

Miller Mommy said...

That is way way way too cool!! I love the pics, they turned out adorable! Let me know when to start voting!!!

Jenn said...

Jaidean, wow. Your photo skills are awesome, and Emery's eyes are just beautiful, especially in that second photo. Good luck with the contest -- let us know so we can vote for her!

Staci said...

The pictures are beautiful- of course she is a finalist!! Can't wait to hear if she makes it all the way!