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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 Things I Love About Emery

- Her big, beautiful blue eyes.

- How she S Q U E A L S at the top of her lungs...and such a girlie squeal too!

- That she is a momma's girl.

- That she is a zerbert blowing fool (except when she blows her food all over my clean shirt!)

- That she loves to eat everything and sweet things too - taking after her mommy!

- How she thinks Teagun is just the funniest thing alive.

- How she will sit there and twirl both of her feet in circles. She has done this pretty much since day one and I just love it! And it is so cute how they start going even faster when she gets excited.

- That she is sleeping about 8 hours at night now (thank goodness!).

- That she keeps me on my toes and can't leave her for a second because she will be into something she isn't supposed to be - like taking a big fistful of dirt and trying to eat it (ok, this probably is more annoying than anything, but it does keep me going nonetheless!)

- Her easy-going nature...she always have this serious look on her face like she is just taking everything in.

{Sidenote: she just pulled herself up to standing today. Yikes - I have a feeling she is going to be walking (running) around way sooner than Teagun did!)}

Emery is 8 months old already (well tomorrow!). My 8-month old beauty!

20080719--30 color

I'm on a color-kick lately so thought I would throw a black and white one out there for the fun of it!



Kelly said...

Gorgeous photo, she is soooo beautiful!!

NicoleBrackPhotography said...

THE most beautiful eyes ever! She's such a doll, Jaidean!

Mom. Wife. Friend. Photographer. said...

She's gorgeous Jaidean!

Jami said...

love the pic! I'm glad to hear she is sleeping better!

Rebecca Jeanne... said...

She's sooooo beautiful! Check out those lashes! Why don't mine curl like that??? ;)

Gummy Mommy said...

Those eyes.. those eyes.. those gorgeous blue eyes!!!

Miller Mommy said...

She is soooo beautiful!!!!