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Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Things I Love About Teagun

- His sense of humor. He is so funny.

- That he loves to have "dance party" with me in the evenings.

- That he told me I was his best friend the other night. Normally daddy is. I am going to win him over one of these days!

- How he whines and whines about not wanting/needing a nap and then proceeds to sleep for about 3 hours everyday still.

- How when he is helping daddy, and Trevor says something to me, Teagun will repeat the exact same thing to me right on the tail of Trevor. He is Trevor's little "mini-me".

- How he squeals back at Emery when she starts squealing and laughs and laughs about it.

- How he differentiates his grandmas by calling one grandma "Grandma Crazy-Hair" (yes, she knows this!) :)

- That he still has to have his milk first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and it still has to be warmed up.

- How he calls the bank the "penny" bank. "Are we going to the penny bank today, mom?"

- That he still asks to sit and snuggle a lot of evenings before bed still. I'm sure that isn't going to last much longer!

And a picture of him not looking at the camera, of course! This picture was taken by a fellow photographer friend, Keri Doolittle. She took some family pictures of us the other night, which I will be sharing soon!



Gummy Mommy said...

Hey handsome... lost something there??

I LOVE the "you're his best friend" comment.. I pray one day Gummy tells me the same...

Jami said...

I love Grandma Crazy-Hair! Zack has started calling random people Stinky and Smelly. I'm afraid he is going to say it to the wrong person at the wrong time. I tell him that isn't nice and he says I'm just being silly.

Love the picture!!

Jennifer said...

He looks so big here and I swear him and Devin are SO much alike! Devin whines like crazy about nap time and then sleeps FOREVER :-)