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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week 10 and Week 11

My Kids and I

I forgot to post last weeks. I was just trying to do something a little different. I am holding Emery and Teagun is standing next to me.

week 10

And this one I totally messed up. I just set my camera down and had Teagun come over to give me a kiss to see if we were even going to be in the frame (taken with a remote) and then I went and checked it - looked good - so changed the settings and what do you know...he wouldn't come give me another kiss! So this is it!



Janice said...

I think the last one looks great! I love the grain. And it is such a sweet moment cpatured, too!

Jami said...

I am so impressed that you are keeping up with this every week. I didn't even start b/c I knew I wouldn't follow through.

The first one is really creative and the second is so sweet.

Miller Mommy said...

I love both these pictures!! The shadow one is really neat, what a great idea!! I am always trying not to create a shadow!!

Good catch on the kiss...those are few and far between at our house anymore!

Rebecca Jeanne... said...

I love the grain on the shot of Teagun kissing his mama. Precious! The shadow picture is neat too. You're rocking this!!

Shana-Lynn said...

So sweet. I love seeing Emery between you two.

hugsfromtrina said...

I really LOVE the first one..I'm going to have to try it. I know you said the 2nd one was a mistake..but I really love it.