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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blue Eyes

I just love Emery's eyes. They are a very pretty blue shade by themself, but if you can get the sky or some really good light to reflect in them, they just really pop.



She is SUPER close to sitting up on her own. I was actually able to get a couple pictures of her sitting up on her own yesterday before she tumbled over. I can't wait!!!


Jami said...

she looks so happy! Yay for sitting up. Addison is trying to scoot on her butt. She'll be running away from my camera before too long.

Jennifer said...

You are so right, her eyes are beautiful. How exciting that she is starting to sit up.

Chelsey said...

Awww... she just gets cuter by the second! Beautiful girl, gorgeous eyes.

Miller Mommy said...

She is soooo cute!! Can she be gorgeous at this age?? What beautiful eyes!!

Virginia H. said...

she is SO beautiful...but you already know that ;)