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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little love

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

One of the "craft" projects Teagun and I did was to decorate treat bags for his friends at the daycare he used to attend. He colored, put stickers on them, and filled them with candy and then I made the little treat toppers to go on the top. The topper was a little too big for the bags, but I think they still turned out pretty cute!

We went and dropped them off there yesterday. It was the first time being back since the end of December and he picked up right where he left off - playing and protecting his girlfriend, Erianna. It was pretty cute, but made me really sad again. I have to remember that it is ok - I am getting to spend more time with him now!!!

And I thought I would share what I had made-up for Trevor. I had seen this really cool frame at a local store and loved it, but it was WAY too much money. I figured I could create something similar in Photoshop and just love how it turned out. It is 20x20 in size with a thick matboard backing. Not sure how much he is going to enjoy it, but I love it! :)


Miller Mommy said...

I LOVE THE FRAME!!! That is really neat!!
Cute goodie bags for Teagun's daycare buddies!!! You are soo creative!!

Jennifer said...

I love the gift for Trevor, that is so special. And the bags are really cute too!!

Sheena said...

Cute!!!! Where did you have both of those printed up at??? Did you create the card toppers in photoshop too???
Thanks and Happy V-day!!!

Christina said...

Wow! How creative are you?

Tami said...

How cute! Happy Valentine's Day!


Andrea said...

The frame looks great, and um, how cute are those bags! You are so crafty!

Gummy Mommy said...

Wow Jaidean.. I love the frame.. sooo cute!! awww.. love.. love .. love... so blessed you are!

You're such a creative mommy.. the little Valentine's for Teagun's friends are adorable... too cute!!
Happy Valentine's day to you and your gorgeous family! Gummy wants to know when can he get on the list to take Emery for ice cream! :)

Jami said...

the treat bags turned out really cute and I LOVE the picture!!

Kimberly said...

YOu did a fantastic job on the bags!! And I love your hubby's gift!

Janice said...

Jaidean, the gift bags and the frame are fabulous!! You are so creative! Hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day!