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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Update - Teagun = 1, Mom = 0

Yeah, so right after I posted the post below I ran upstairs to check on Teagun (there was 10 minutes left on the timer so it had only been 10 minutes since we had last tried to go) and low-and-behold...guess who peed his underpants again? Seriously - I was about in tears. He seriously needs to pee every 10 minutes??? So I clean up the floor and clean him up, we go sit on the potty again and this time we put him in a pull-up (we have tried these before and he could care less if he wets in these, so they are not good training tools for him). I figured I would keep the timer going though and take him in there every 20 minutes to at least try and go. The buzzer goes off 20 minutes later and he comes running into the bedroom where we are working on his "big boy" room and tells me the buzzer went off, so I take him into the bathroom and...he had pooped his pants this time. I just threw up my hands and put him back in a diaper. Apparently he is not ready at all. I really, really, really want him potty trained within the next 4 months! Do you think there is any luck at all in this happening???? If you have resources, tips, etc. please let me know! I will try anything!!!


Jami said...

I'm so sorry, but I just have to laugh!! I haven't tried underwear with Zack, but I'm sure he would do the same thing. I keep him in a diaper and just have him go on the potty every 1/2 hr to hr or whenever I think about it. He has no problem going in his diaper though, so I haven't taken it off yet. Sunday he did keep his diaper dry for about 4 hours, but I'm not brave enough for underwear yet.

Good luck!! Keep trying!

Kristina Young said...

I know it won't make you feel one bit better to know that it took my sister until her 2 boys were almost 4. And her 3rd, well, who knows when that will happen -- he's only 2.

Good good good luck.

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. We are working on potty training with Devin too and he seems to be finally starting to get it. We tried underwear on Saturday though and although he peed & pooped the potty he also peed his underwear once and pooped them once and it didn't even bother him, he just went about playing until we smelled it. That was a mess, so yesterday we went back to pullups and he did pretty good with them, so I don't think I am going back to underpants yet. Good luck! I have heard that one day with a lot of kids it will just click. I am hoping that happens soon!!

Janice said...

Jaidean, I wish I had some advice for you but right now Cameron refuses to even sit on the toilet and I even called my doctor about it hoping for some advice. She told me not to worry and not to traumatize him by making him sit on it if he's not ready. However, Teagun's not afraid to sit on the potty so that's a great thing! I guess you just have to keep trying and the more he does it, the better he'll get the hang of it.:-)

Brianne said...

No advice...YET! But I did tag you, see my blog!

Annie said...

I found your blog via the toddler board and just had to comment here. I SO feel your pain on this - seriously!

My last blog post was about our eventual success. Like everyone told me, it just clicks with them. What nobody told me was that you just need to figure out the right bribe ;)