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Sunday, July 15, 2007

How Cool is This?!?!?

I was checking out Janice's blog and she had given me this award along with some other great bloggers. Now Janice is definitely worthy of this title - check out her blog and you will notice right away it is titled "Eleven Months Apart". Yep, her two kids (Cameron and Ava) are only eleven months apart!!! Now just for that alone, she is worthy of a BIG award, but then she always takes the cutest pictures of her kids and has time to keep us all informed on those two on top of it! Very well deserving of the award!!!

Now I am supposed to pass this along to 5 other bloggers.

1. Lyndsay - Giggles-n-Grins - Definitely deserving of this award. We "met" on The Knot about 4-5 years ago when we both were planning our destination weddings and have stayed in touch since. She has a son Ty and a daughter Taryn who are just the cutest kids. She started her own photography business a couple years ago and is amazing!!! Her house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and they are still rebuilding, but she is just one amazing person - always willing to help out, answer questions, and just listen even though her life is probably way more hectic than most of ours!

2. Jennifer - Has the most adorable son Devin. Devin and Teagun are only 1 week apart. It is great to chat with Jennifer and see what each of the boys is doing at the moment. They seem to go through a lot of the same phases at the exact same time and it is so nice to be able to bounce ideas on how to deal with certain things off someone else who is experiencing the same thing!

3. Erin - Go look at her blog and tell me her son does not have the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. He is just a doll! Erin is due with baby #2 in September - another boy! We can't wait to see pictures of him too.

4. Anne-Marie - Anne-Marie and I met on a Parenting message board (yes, I am on the computer way too much!). She has a gorgeous son named Brick. I am sooo jealous of his hair. Check him out - it is just too cute! I am trying to copy his hairdo and grow Teagun's out similar. It isn't going very well though! Anne-Marie is also pregnant with #2 and we are due just 2 weeks apart!

5. Stephanie - yes, Stephanie and I also met on-line when we both bought our cameras right around the same time. She is a beautiful daughter named, Hannah, who just won an Alabama Baby Contest and is on the cover of the Alabama Babay magazine (which Stephanie was the photographer for - she is fabulous!).

I could have easily listed everybody on my Blog list to the right - all those girls are great and so talented and have the cutest kids! So go check them out if you haven't already!!!

Now a couple pictures since this is my photo blog and all!

Teagun enjoying a popcicle and making funny faces at me!

Cropped and b&w - just because I like this one!

And since I mentioned in a post below - here is my 20 week belly picture! :)


Becky said...

Your belly looks too cute Jaidean! Pregnancy looks good on you! :)

Janice said...

Break out the bikinis! I would totally show off that baby belly!!!

BTW, I love looking at all the blogs you have nominated! They take such beautiful pictures and their kiddos are adorable!!

Jennifer said...

Awww, thanks for the award.

Teagun looks adorable as usually and you look GREAT!!!

Stephanie said...

You look sooo cute!!!

Kim Harms said...

You have such a cute pregnant belly!!

Angela said...

You look awesome!! Hope you are feeling well!!

Teagun looks sooo cute in the pictures!! What a cute black and white!

Angela said...

Oh yeah, I love looking at the other blogs on your site everyone has such darling kids and I love looking for picture ideas!!

Mary said...

you look beautiful preggers! teagun looks like such a big boy; i bet he's excited for a sibling.

mcarstens (photo board)