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Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby Countdown

You will notice on the side that I put in a new baby countdown ticker. The baby supposedly grows and looks like what it would look like in my belly at each particular time. I thought that was pretty cool! So, on Monday I scheduled my c-section. The official date that we will be welcoming our new addition is November 27th! (Yay! I can still hit the black Friday sales!) :) And, holy smokes, I was an emotional wreck that day. I don't know if finally scheduling the day made it all sink in or what, but I just kept thinking about our family now and how it is going to change and how Teagun is going to react. I know it will be wonderful to have two children and Teagun will eventually love having a sibling to play with, confide in, and fight with. It will definitely take some getting used to, I'm sure. I just hope Teagun takes it better than our dog, Zoey, did when we brought him home. Still two plus years later, Zoey does not care for Teagun at all and is still extremely jealous. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Teagun will be a little more open-minded about it! And maybe Zoey will finally give up and become a child-loving dog instead. I can hope right???

So, I should probably have a belly picture update for this post...but I don't have one uploaded (since I'm posting at work...sshhhh!), so I will post some of Teagun as naked as the day as he came into this world! These crack me up. My mother-in-law had picked Teagun up from daycare and brought hime back to our house to play. I came in the house after work and didn't see them and went and looked out the back window and this is what I found. They were playing in the hose and he got wet, so she stripped him. I'm sure our neighbors who were sitting on their patio with guests over really appreciated it. But he was having so much fun, who was I to ruin that???


Angela said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! I am sure that Teagun will love them too when he is 18 years old!! HA!!!

Janice said...

Lucky girl to schedule your c-section the day after black friday! I also had a scheduled c-sec the when Ava was born and let me tell you how much more relaxed I was with the second delivery. I am sure it will go just as smoothly for you! And yes, it will be a big change from one child to 2 children, but it is nothing you cannot handle - Teagun is going to be an amazing big brother!!!

Now, on to the pics - these are so funny!!!! And of course, cute as well! I wonder what he's going to say when he grows up and sees this? (he-he).

Kimberly said...

Bwhahaha! The one of Teagun on his bike totally cracks me up!!!

At least you have some months to plan for your c-secion. I had one day notice of my "scheduled" c-secion. Talk about running around trying to get things done! And Teagun is definitely going to be a wonderful big brother!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, love these pictures! Total blackmail for when he gets older, but adorable now!!

Anne said...

The baby counter is awesome. i am forever amazed at how these little things grow in our tummies to little people! Anyway, Teagun probably won't know how react at first, but I'm sure he'll grow to become a great big brother!

Great censoring on the bike photo by the way... :)

Can't wait to see the belly shots!