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Monday, March 19, 2007

Safety First

This bike was a gift from Teagun's aunt for his first birthday. He liked it last year, but he LOVES it this year! Last year he absolutely hated to wear the bike helmet, but this year he actually wants to wear it when he is on his bike. It totally cracks me up, but at least he is getting used to wearing a bike helmet whenever he gets on a bike! Oh, and if anyone is looking for a good present for a 2 year old - this bike would be it! We go on walks all over the neighborhood with Teagun on this thing and it is great!


Jami said...

what fun! He looks so cute in his helmet. I plan to get Zack that trike or one similar for his b-day. Thanks for the rec! We need one that adjusts for short legs!

Anne-Marie said...

I honestly don't know who's cuter, Teagun or your husband for pushing him around like that while you get to have fun and take pictures! Teagun's such a good role model in his little helmet.

Janice said...

It's great how you don't have to worry about bending down to give Teagun a push. That is a really cool bike, and an awesome aunt for giving it to him!

Jennifer said...

That looks so fun. I have seen those in the stores but never knew anyone that had one. That is cool that Teagun likes it and will let you guys push him around in it. Devin's problem is that he is getting to where he doesn't like the stroller that much anymore, so going for a walk is hard. We may have to look into one of these.

I think my favorite is the second one, I love how he is concentrating so hard.

Kristina said...

That is adorable and ditto Anne Marie's comments. I cannnot wait until I can get one of those (oh, wait, yes I can, I want him to be a baby forever!).