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Saturday, March 3, 2007


When does the drooling stop? I figured it would be long gone by now...I think he has all his teeth, yet he still seems like a never ending faucet (well, maybe he is working on his 2 year molars - there are 2 year molars, right?). And see what I mean about the tongue???


Jennifer said...

I love this picture. Too cute! I thought the drool would be gone by now too. Sometimes I feel like it will last forever :-)

Janice said...

I don't know when the drooling stops. My son's shirt is always soaked and he has his fingers in his mouth constantly. It justt seems like there's never ending teeth coming out. Wow, that's some drool, though. :-)

Anne said...

Great capture of the drool!!!

NicoleBrackPhotography said...

Great shot! And adorable child! =) I love your crop here, and his expression is priceless!