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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Outside Again!

The weather is finally getting up into the 50's, which feels like a heat wave to us, so we have been venturing outside and playing this week. Teagun is absolutely loving it! I think he will probably be living outside this summer if we would allow it.


Jennifer said...

Too cute! His eyes are just amazing. We still think of 50 degrees as cold around here. Devin is the same way he would live outside if we would let him. At least after this weekend we will have more outside time.

Janice said...

Hi! I've been meaning to ask where you got Teagun's cute hoodie? Thanks!

Jaidean said...

Hi Janice - it is from Gap...I think we got it last fall though.

Stephanie said...

Look at how cute he is! I think he gets cuter by the day! I'm glad you guys have gotten some warmer weather. I'd send you some of ours if I could!

I love the color in these pics. You're getting realllly good at this! :)

Jami said...

we are enjoying the 50's too!! We are going to have to buy Zack a big swingset this year. He keeps running over to the neighbor's yard to play on theirs.