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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Just a couple pictures I took of Teagun playing this morning. It is freezing here today, so we are just trying to stay warm!!!


Jennifer said...

Very Cute! I love watching them play now. It is so cute! Looks like he knows exactly what to do with that drill! Send some of that cold weather our way. I don't think I have been able to wear a sweater all year, it is in the 70's here again this weekend.

Jaidean said...

Jennifer - you can have all our cold weather! I am so sick of it! It has been going below zero at night here and the highs just around 10 degrees. It is way too cold to do anything besides sit inside. I have major winter blues and cannot wait for 70 degree weather!!!

Jennifer said...

OK, I take that back, I don't want it to get that cold. But I am looking forward to it getting a little colder this week. The high is only in the 40s, YAY!