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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday???

Normally, I would say "Yes!", but not today! I got so much accomplished today. Not fun stuff, of course, but something that really needed to be done - I CLEANED MY HOUSE!!! I have no idea who lit the fire under my ass today, but I actually felt like cleaning (gasp!). The kitchen is clean, dinner in the crock pot, I'm on my 5th load of laundry, dusted, vacuumed, swept, mopped, even the toilets are clean! Yay for me! This doesn't happen very often at my house!

Now, don't get me wrong, my house is not disgusting. I keep up with the everyday picking up and cleaning, but I do not like to do the deep cleaning at all and it really doesn't happen often enough. I got an early start though. Teagun woke up with the flu in the middle of the night so I started with doing the laundry at 1:30 this morning. He isn't puking anymore, but he still has a fever and just doesn't feel well. And he was supposed to go spend the night with "papa" tonight, which he was looking forward too. Stupid flu!

Here is a picture of my poor sick boy:

Here are a couple pictures I took yesterday of him playing with his tractors and trucks. He always lines then all up and then will move them one by one. It is pretty funny to watch.


About me said...

Poor Teagun. A sick baby is a good fire to clean the house. Enjoy it while it lasts (the clean house.) I'm the same way. Cute pictures.

lyndsay said...

Awww....I hope Teagun feels better soon, poor little guy.

I love your perspective with his trucks, amazing shots! I have to tell you it has been so much fun to watch your photography grow in leaps and bounds!!!

Keri said...

poor little guy! i hate when they are sick :( -- your shots are so great jaidean!! keep them coming :)

Jennifer said...

I hope Teagun is feeling better! Very cute pictures though!

Angela said...

Teeghun sends his get well wishes to Teagun.
Glad to hear that the "cleaning spirit" as my husband calls it comes to visit someone else's house as well :)
Love the blog we check it almost every day :) :)
Angela (the other Teeghun's mom :)