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Sunday, January 7, 2007

100 Things About Me

So a few people on my "Blogs I Visit" links to the left did a post on a 100 things about themselves and I thought it was very interesting and a good way to get to know you better. So here is my attempt...I seriously don't know if I will be able to come up with a 100, but here goes...

1. My husband and I are high school sweethearts - going on 14 years together!
2. We were married in Hawaii 2.5 years ago.
3. We got pregnant with Teagun right away.
4. I absolutely hated being pregnant even though I had the easiest pregnancy possible.
5. I love sports and am really hoping Teagun is as athletic as his mom and dad.
6. I coached 7th grade girls basketball for three years until I had Teagun (coached up until 2 weeks before I delivered Teagun even!).
7. I work in Human Resources.
8. I want to move back to the town we grew up in (Deer Park) so Teagun can go to school there (we are actually only 30 minutes away right now).
9. I have three sisters - all starting with the letter "J". (Jennifer, Jaidean, Jolynn, and Jaclynn).
10. I have three wonderful nephews - V.J., Boone, & Gunner
11. I love photography.
12. I think I probably like to sleep over all other activities I enjoy!
13. I drive a Toyota Camry.
14. Pretty much the only thing I craved while pregnant was m&m's and I ate those constantly.
15. I hate Italian food restaurants, but I love Italian food if I make it myself.
16. My kitchen has brown appliances - totally 70's looking!
17. I was ready to return to work while I was on maternity leave.
18. Now after having 10 days off with Teagun over Christmas, I want to stay home with him - he is so much fun now.
19. We will probably wait to have another kid until Teagun is around 4 or 5.
20. I wish my older sister and her family (with my nephews) lived closer.
21. I need at least 10 hours of sleep a night...I rarely get that though.
22. I am almost always in bed by 9pm though.
23. I love the tv show LOST
24. I hate, hate, hate (sorry Lyndsay) to clean.
25. I blame my mother for that b/c she is a clean freak and vacuumed at least once a day if not more when I was growing up there! (no hard feelings mom if you read this!) :)
26. I wish I were more outgoing.
27. I normally change into my pj's right when I get home from work (around 4pm).
28. I have horrible eye sight and wear contacts.
29. I hope within the next couple of years to have lasik eye surgery (my mom and sister have already done it).
30. Flakey people drive me crazy.
31. I think jeans are so uncomfortable and prefer to wear skirts over jeans anyday!
32. I let my son watch TV.
33. I eat ice cream pretty much every night before bed.
34. I cried when I was pregnant and we were out of ice cream and Trevor said he wouldn't go get my any (he ended up going...what a great guy!).
35. Trevor got up in the middle of the night with Teagun way more than I did - he knows how much I enjoy my sleep.
36. I am a Diet Pepsi girl - do not even bring a coke around me!
37. My birthday is June 22. I will be 29 this year.
38. I do not like cold weather at all (it is supposed to be a high of 8 degrees here this week!).
39. I prefer swimming pools over lakes.
40. I was a lifeguard for 5 years.
41. I have a fear of drowing.
42. Our house used to have a pool until we filled it in last spring and I don't regret it at all.
43. I am horrible about wearing sunscreen.
44. For our next big trip I hope to go to the Caribbean.
45. I really want to go to Vegas too.
46. I love when Teagun belly laughs at our dog Zoey (even though Zoey dispises Teagun).
47. My camera is a Nikon D50
48. The lens I want for it is $700, so that is not going to happen...
49. I love going to Broadway shows, though we don't go very often.
50. We are going to Annie next month though...that is the first movie I can remember seeing on a theater.
51. My dogs birthday is April 26th, husband May 24th, and mine June 22nd...Teagun's needed to be either March 28th or July 20th to follow in line, but it didn't work out that way.
52. I knew Teagun was a boy from the very beginning and knew he would come early (came 4 days early).
53. I have become way more materialist as I've gotten older.
54. I love to dress Teagun in fashionable clothes, but worry I am creating a "monster".
55. I love when people tell me he is the best dressed kid they know (especially when people at daycare say that since they see kids all the time!).
56. I am pretty sure in Teagun's 20 months of life so far, he has way more shoes than me and Trevor combined...and nicer shoes at that (I don't own a pair of Diesels).
57. I love going onto Photography sites and learning new things.
58. I wish I had more friends and old friends that lived closer.
59. I wish I could meet some of my "internet friends", but know I would be sooo nervous (back to the shy thing!).
60. I like complete silence in order to go to sleep.
61. Teagun snores which drives me crazy b/c I can hear him.
62. I love, love, love to take naps (can you tell I like to sleep?) :)
63. I find this extremely hard!
64. My first car was a red Ford Mustang - the biggest piece of crap!
65. My favorite car was my Honda Accord (though I do like my Camry now too).
66. I don't like stupid drivers and have been know to have some road rage (not "crazy" road rage - just "get the heck out of my way" road rage).
67. I love movies that make me cry.
68. My motivation to go workout at lunch is so I can watch Days of Our Lives (hey, whatever works, right??)
69. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
70. I ran a half marathon before our wedding and would love to do it again, but I hurt my knee during it and am too lazy to do the necessary things to keep it from hurting when I run.
71. I would consider myself lazy.
72. I love that Teagun loves trucks and tractors and that he is "all boy"
73. I kind of secretly hope we have another boy next time, but then I also want a girl because of all the cute clothes options girls have.
74. I love movie theater popcorn with extra butter.
75. I'm 5' 6 1/2" - my husband is almost exactly a foot taller than me at 6'6"
76. I am left-handed.
77. Every second person in my family is left-handed (grandma, aunt, me, cousin (though I think she might use both???), and my youngest sister (who uses both).
78. I think Teagun is right-handed and really hope our second child is left-handed.
79. I love the outcome of my scrapbooks, but do not like the time it takes to do them.
80. I went to college at the University of Idaho - go Vandals!
81. I love to shop, though I don't do it enough anymore. Guess that's the price you pay to have kids, huh??? :)
82. I have no regrets having Teagun (just had to throw that out there from my comment above!).
83. Teagun never ceases to amaze me. It is so much fun to watch him learn and grow.
84. I worry that I won't love my second child as much as Teagun.
85. I cried (ok bawled) on the way home from the hospital with Teagun because I didn't think our dog Zoey would understand (she still doesn't).
86. I love suprises.
87. We didn't find out Teagun's gender and I don't think we will for the next child either.
88. I had an emergency c-section with Teagun - so scary!
89. In the end I was happy that I had a c-section because it gave me an extra two weeks at home with my baby.
90. I want to find a doctor who won't make me schedule my c-section with our next child - I want to go into labor on my own and then just know I will be having a c-section when I go in (love that anticipation of not knowing when you are going to meet your baby!).
91. I hardly ever read books.
92. I do not like to take baths - it is like soaking in your own filth - yuck!
93. I like to be on time and it bugs me when people are late.
94. I love weddings and would get married again (to the same man) in a heartbeat!
95. I love to get massages and pedicures.
96. I hate to walk barefoot in the house - I always have socks or slippers on until I go to bed.
97. We do not have a tv in our bedroom and I have no desire to have one in there.
98. I love to dance and look forward to weddings so I can dance!
99. I look forward to seeing what life brings our way.
100. I love my husband and son more than words can express.

Wow - I did it! Now after I hit publish I will probably thing of all these "better" things I should have put down, but oh well! I hope you have learned something new about me!


Anne-Marie said...

I really enjoyed reading this! I totally agree with you on #92 - "I do not like to take baths - it is like soaking in your own filth - yuck!" Hopefully I can be inspired to write 100 things about me soon.

Mom2Cam said...

Wow we are a lot a like. There are things on there that I totally forgot to write about. Im left handed is my husband and Im scared Cameron will be a righty! eeeek!

lyndsay said...

It was so fun to read these - I learned a lot about you :)

Angela Miller said...

I loved reading this, there are a lot of those that I was nodding my head in complete agreement with you!! It is great getting to know you and being connected to another "Teagun/Teeghun's" mommy!!

Jennifer said...

I really enjoy reading these, it is a good way to learn a lot about someone. It is amazing at the number of things you realize you can relate to in another person. I was just agreeing with tons of your statements!