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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby A - 5 days old

Oh goodness. I got to photograph the sweetest baby yesterday. You may remember his mama from her maternity pictures last month. She has a c-section on Monday and was up moving around like nothing when I was there on Saturday. Made me feel like a big baby! I'm pretty sure I would have been laying in bed still. :) lol...

Congratulations J family - baby A is just a doll! Enjoy your sneak peak!





Miller Mommy said...

Beautiful pictures (as always)! I love the first one!!!

Kim Harms said...

These are so cute! Where did you get that cacoon and hat, its adorable! Great Pics Jaidean!

Jenn said...

This Jenn in the Big "D" TX. Friend of the family...GREAT PICS!!! Baby A is SOOO..adorable. Thank you for sharing. Great pics Jaiden!!