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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 Months Old

Happy 10 Months, Emery! I can't believe she is going to be one in 2 months. Crazy how fast the second baby grows up...way too fast! She is still content just cruising around furniture and crawling, thank goodness. She has no interest in letting go, so I am hoping it will be a bit longer. Two teeth finally broke through last week. She is a climber...anything she can reach, she climbs up on. The other day I was folding clothes in my bedroom and walked out and something caught my eye in Teagun's room and there was Emery on top of his bed standing at his headboard playing with the toys on the shelf. Oh, and she definitely has a little attitude. I am pretty sure she will be beating Teagun up within the next 6 months. She already swats at him and "yells" at him. They are going to be so much fun when they are

I tried to get a couple pictures this morning, but right after this picture, she sat down and crawled away right into dog poop. sigh...



Jennifer said...

Happy 10 Months Emery! I can't believe she is already 10 months! She is too cute!

Kimberly said...

Look at her little butt in those jeans!! How cute! Happy B-day Emery!

Jami said...

I think Emery and Addison could get into a lot of trouble together. Addison is a climber too. LOL at the dog poop!

Miller Mommy said...

Seriously she is 10 months already? I cannot believe it! Too cute that she is already swatting at Teagun! I cracked up about the dog poop (sorry :)