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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where did my baby go???

It's about time for a Teagun update, huh??? I finally took some new pictures of Teagun yesterday - I hadn't in so long...just so much easier to take pictures of a baby who doesn't move at all right now! :)

But, seriously, doesn't he look so big now??? It probably doesn't help to see him next to his baby sister, a new "big boy" haircut, and (dare I say it???) he is potty trained!!! Yay!!! It still might be a little early to say that, but I am going to be brave! We started the day after his last day of daycare (28th of Dec) - told him we "ran out" of diapers and there just weren't anymore. We had some accidents here and there, but he hasn't had an accident in over a week now. He has even been staying dry ALL night long - that is a huge accomplishment because he was one that would leak through his diaper several times a week because he would go so much. It really was so much easier than I had anticipated (though we did have to clean poop off the floor two times - yuck!).

I am just having the best time being home with him right now. He is so dang sweet, silly and so much fun. I know (and still am really) I was feeling so guilty from pulling him from daycare, but I am so glad to be able to spend more time with him. We joined a playgroup and have gone a couple times already and he enjoys that. We also started going to storytime at the library on Friday mornings. We start Soccer Tots tomorrow morning and I am really looking forward to that - I hope he really enjoys it!

What else??? He loves to sing his ABC's - constantly dancing around the house singing them. He can count to 15 easily - we are working on 20 right now. He can spell his first and last name (we sing it to the tune of the Mickey Mouse song since his name has the same amount of letters). We are working on colors, but that isn't going so well. Makes me a little concerned he may be color blind (apparently it runs in my family - it is inherited from the mother's father). And he is the best big brother. So sweet to Emery and very concerned about her whenever she cries. He really only gets jealous when Grandma is holding her - he tells her, "Put that baby down!" lol...


Jami said...

he is getting so big! Ca you believe he is almost 3? That seems so OLD! sorry, I know I'm not helping.

Yay for being potty trained! I'll have to try the ran out of diapers thing. Even at night, wow!! Zak knows better, but doesn't care. I could tell he was pottying this morning, so I told him to go on the potty and he said, "leave me alone. I'm not doin' nothin'." uhh!

I just discovered Soccer Tots last week. It just started here. I'm tempted to sign Zack up. I know he'd love it. Let me know if you and Teagun like it.

Jennifer said...

What a big boy, that haircut really makes him look all grown up. I seriously can't believe they are almost 3!!! I am loving his outfit!

Yay for potty training. We were pretty lucky too and Devin was super easy, and it sure makes life a lot easier for us to not have to worry with diapers.

Sounds like you guys are getting into all kinds of fun stuff. I am going to have to check into the soccer tots.

Miller Mommy said...

What a handsome little man you have there!! He will be a heartbreaker!!! He does look grown-up which I have noticed more with Teeghun lately too, maybe it is the fact that there is a baby in the house (well at your house, soon at our house) and so you look to him more as a little boy instead!

Sounds like you are adjusting great to being home!! Enjoy all those fun times!!!

Janice said...

Wow, he looks like a big boy in those photos! That's awesome he's potty trained! I am so jealous! I am totally struggling potty training Cameron.

By the way, the previous photos of Emery is just adorable. I love the Baby Legs!

Kimberly said...

OMG he looks like a little man in those photos!!! And congrats on the potty training....I DREAD it!