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Monday, January 28, 2008

Emery's 2 Month Check-up

Well, since I have quit scrapbooking, I am now using my blog to keep track of the kids well-visits (I am currently working on turning my first year blogging into a book and will do that every year from now on if I like how it turns out).

Emery's 2 month check-up was today. She was 11 pounds (51%) and 23 1/4 inches (79%) and her head was 15 1/4 (46%). She has three shots today and did great! I gave her some Tylenol when we got home and she has been one sleepy baby today - hopefully that doesn't mean she will be awake all night now!

Now I need to get some 2 month pictures of her. Maybe tomorrow when she is feeling better!

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