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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Teagun's ABC Book

Wow - I have been a bad blogger. I seriously think it has to do with the time change and weather. I really just haven't been taking as many pictures as I normally do. It is dark when I get home and I haven't quite mastered my speedlight (or even come close to mastering it), so I just don't even bother. And I am pretty much in bed between 7pm-8pm every night now too. I could very easily be a bear and just hibernate ALL winter and be completely happy doing that!
Did you notice over there on the right how many days left until the baby arrives??? So super excited. I am actually secretly (or not so secretly) hoping s/he decides to bless us with her/his presence early. I am soooo done! I honestly don't remember feeling this way with Teagun. I think I just figured he was going to come late, so we he came a few days early it was just a nice surprise. The doctor hasn't even done one check on me so I have no idea if I am even progressing or not, but I like to think I am...just to keep my hopes up! :) At least I do have a deadline - cannot go past the 27th! 8 more days, 8 more days!!!!
So I have been busy Christmas shopping so I don't have to worry about it after the baby comes. I only have one person left, so I have done pretty darn well (Oh, and the baby too - I am waiting to buy anything for the baby until we know the gender...see Jo and Jaclynn - I DO NOT know the gender) - my younger sister's called me the other night yelling at me that I knew what the gender was and just wasn't telling anyone. My youngest sister was actually at my ultra-sound since Trevor couldn't make it and so she saw/heard exactly what I did, but apparently I called back later that day and found out. They think the nursery looks very boyish - apparently sage green isn't a gender neutral color - it is a boy color! Who knew! Love you guys! :) Sorry - little off topic there...
Anyway, I made Teagun an ABC book using pictures of him and it will be one of his Christmas presents. It turned out very cute and I hope he likes it! Here are a few of the pages.


Stephanie said...

How adorable!!! I'm sure he will love it. I'd love to make one but knowing me, it will take forever to get it done!

9 more days!!! Wow- the time has flown by so quickly it seems.

Angela said...

I LOVE THE BOOK!! That is sooo cute; I am sure that Teagun will love it too!!

If you could do just one day early that will help me in the baby pool :) HA!! It is all about me and the Starbucks card you know!! HA!

I soooo know what you mean about being done, unfortunately I have a couple more months to go!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, only 8 more days! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!!

The book looks great, I want to do one for Devin but don't even know where to start!

Christina said...

I can totally relate with taking a lot less pictures. The dark and not being able to go outside seem to really hurt my desire to take pictures! I still have not mastered my flash yet either.. I got the 1.4 50mm hoping that would help but still no desire to take pix. That makes me sad. Hope yours gets better! Cute book! (Tigers)

Kim Harms said...

The ABC book turned out SOO cute!!! I bet he will love it. I really want to make one for Allie!

And only 8 more days!!??? Man... I cant believe your time is so close! I cant wait to see pictures of your newest addition on her... Im guessing girl. :)

Jami said...

The book turned out so cute! Zack's is in the mail. I can't wait to see it. I hope the next week goes by quickly. LOL at your sisters! I don't know how you did it. I am dying to know the sex! Please have someone post for you!!

Janice said...

You crack me up! I still say girl but you know that boys are a lot of fun, too! I definitely remember when I was at the end of my second pregnancy - I wanted Ava OUT! I couldn't wait for the C-section. Hope these next few days will go by quickly for you!

And may I say you have done an excellent job with your ABC pages!!! Can't wait to see more!