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Monday, November 5, 2007

Online Baby Pool - A Fun Little Game!

I only have 3 weeks left until my scheduled c-section, so I figured I'd set up a fun little on-line game for you all to participate in. And I am willing to send the winner of the game a $10.00 starbucks gift card (just give me some time since I will be recovering from a c-section afterwards!)!!! If there are multiple winners, I will have Teagun draw a name out of a hat and that person will get the gift card. If I don't know you or don't know how to notify you that you are the winner, please leave me a comment on how to do that (and be sure to sign up with a name in the poll that I will recognize).

So here's the scoop:
- I have had 3 ultra-sounds and all three set the due date as Dec. 1st.
- My c-section is scheduled for Nov. 27th (4 days ahead of due date).
- Teagun came 4 days before his due date.
- Teagun weighed 7lbs. 13oz and was 20.5 inches long

And I will include a 36 week picture of when I was pregnant with Teagun and a 36 week current picture for comparison.

Good luck! :)

36 week belly picture of when I was pregnant with Teagun:

36 week current belly picture:

So, I'm curious if people think I am carrying way different just based on these pictures? With Teagun I was constantly told I looked like I had a basketball under my shirt. People keep telling me I am carrying way different with this baby, but I personally think it looks the same. I think people are just trying to convince me it is a girl this time! :)


Janice said...

This is fun! I love contests! I entered my guess but did the date and time wrong, does that count? :-P

Angela said...

Great game; I will have to steal your idea closer to our due date :) I love it!! You still look great!!!

Kim Harms said...

Hmm... I have to agree with you and say the belly pictures look pretty similar! You seem to be a little bigger/sticking further out with this pregnancy but overall, seems like you are carrying just about the same.