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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Today Teagun had surgery to fix what they called a "dog's ear" (scar tissue bump) on the edge of his circumcision. He had to be put under for it and I thought I would be ok with it since he had been put under once already for his tubes. But no, it was much harder on me than it was on him (at the hospital anyway...we'll see how the recovery goes!). He kept looking at me and then asking Trevor, "Why momma sad?" which would make me cry even more! :( I love that he is learning emotions though - so cute! He did awesome though and he now has been taking a 4+ hour nap this afternoon - I'm sure sleeping off the anesthesia. When we were back in the waiting area before they took him to surgery, I was kicking myself for not even bringing my little point-and-shoot camera (I knew I didn't want to lug my big camera around). He looked so dang cute in his little bugs bunny scrubs - fit him perfect length-wise, but about 2x too big width wise! So here are a couple pictures after we got home. The bandage on his arm is where his IV was and then the nurses put a bracelet on "blue bear" and bandaged his hand up too so he matched Teagun - very cute!


Stacey said...

Oh.... poor Teagun. I hope he recovers fast. You're a great mom so your love will make any "boo boos" all better! Take Care!

Jami said...

I'm glad the surgery went well. I would have been bawling too. I bet he was adorable in the hospital gown. How cute that they bandaged up his bear.

Jennifer said...

I am glad everything went well and hope he revovers very quickly. I am just picturing him in little hospital outfit! I am sure it was adorable!

Erin said...

I am tearing up over what the nurses did to Blue Bear. That is so sweet.

I hope Teagun has a speedy recovery.

Janice said...

Jaidean, I just want to give him a hug! I hope he's feeling better!