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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Funny Faces

Teagun was in a silly mood tonight and when I pulled out my camera started making all these funny faces at me (ok, I might have slightly prompted a couple of them!) :) He is just too much fun now!

And I would also like anyone that reads this to comment on whether you think we should cut his hair or not. Both Trevor and Teagun were going to grow their hair out until the baby arrived. Trevor already gave in and cut his hair last week. I'm torn about Teagun's. I have always wanted him to have the "surfer-look" type hair...but can he pull it off??? Let me know what you think!


Kim Harms said...

Dont cut it! I was just going to leave a comment saying how much I love his hair!! He looks adorable with it like that!! :)

Stacey said...

Don't cut the hair! I like it. Especially with the fall coming. It will be perfect. Maybe a trim to clean the edges a bit, but I like his hair that length... and his funny faces!! =)

Jami said...

It looks like he is recovering quickly from his surgery. I like his hair length. I wouldn't cut it. You got some good eye contact!

Ang said...

I love the funny faces!!! Those are too cute!

DON'T CUT THE HAIR! He looks adorable with that hair!!!

Anne-Marie said...

I love his hair! Don't cut it!!!

The funny faces are too cute. I love when they're in a good mood and cooperative for the camera. The second picture you posted is awesome. It's SOOO crisp!

Sweet Pea Photography said...

I not cut it. It's darn cute!

Jennifer said...

How cute! DON'T CUT HIS HAIR!!! It is too cute! I tried going for this look with Devin but couldn't get past the awkward look, it looks like Teagun is way past that and it is just really cute now!!