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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quick Update

Thought I would give a quick update on how Teagun is doing regarding his surgery, his transition to his "big boy" room, and potty training. So I'll start with a surgery update. What surgery?!?!? Seriously, it hasn't phased him at all. I don't even think he knows anything happened or that he even has stitches down there. Crazy! Kids are so resilient. Next, an update on the transition to his big boy room. He absolutely LOVES his new room and is doing great sleeping on the big bed. He hasn't once tried or asked to sleep in his old room (we still have his toddler bed set up in there and all his clothes are still in there too). So now I hope to start redoing the nursery here in the next couple of weeks...before I get too big and uncomfortable to want to do anything! And finally, an update on potty training. We pretty much just dropped it after our failed attempts a few weeks ago. This week, he asked us to sit on the potty a few times and actually went. This morning I decided to just leave his diaper off and see what happened. Well, it is 10am and he has gone pee in the potty 4 times already and hasn't had one accident! Trevor has bribed him with a Power Wheels Pickup or Tractor if he will go poop in the potty (he has never done this before)...I think it is too early to go out and buy that big of a reward, but we'll see! We may take him to the store later on today to actually see the Power Wheels and let him pick out one and make that his end reward somehow. Do you think he would understand that yet??? He seems a little young to me still, but he always suprises me with how much he understands! So, in short, he is doing FANTASTIC all around!


Janice said...

Teagun is doing such a great job with potty training!! It won't be long before he goes on the potty full time! Gosh, I can only dream of changing one baby's diaper at this point! :P . I am so glad he's doing well after his surgery, too!

Kimberly said...

Wow! Where did your little boy go?! He sounds like he is doing so great. I'm so glad that the surgery didn't slow him down any!

Jennifer said...

Way to go Teagun!
I am so glad he is recovering so well from the surgery! I know that makes you feel much better.
How awesome about the potty training too. We have tried bribing Devin with anything we can think of to get him to poop on the potty and nothing has worked so far, if you figure something out...let me know :-)

Brianne said...

YAY...this is great news!!! Teagun is doing awesome. Way to go big guy!