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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stick em' up!

Seriously - how do boys know how to play with trucks, tractors, GUNS???? We do not have any toy guns in our house, nor does daycare. About a week before we went to visit my sister, he started grabbing his little drill and acting like he was shooting it. Where the heck did that come from?!?!?! Then when we got to my sister's and he found his nephew's toy guns, he was so excited.


Jennifer said...

Too cute! He really knows what to do. It is amazing how they just take to toys and know exactly what to do with them. Some of them it takes me a minute to figure out.

Anne-Marie said...

That's so wild! How do they learn those things???

Andrea said...

Okay, his face in the first picture is PRICELESS! I guess things like that just must be in their DNA, right? Along with leaving the toilet-lid up and burping the alphabet! ;)

Amanda said...

Must be in the DNA! Ian's love affair with cars and the "vroom-vroom" noise came before he knew what cars were and that they made "vroom-vroom" noises!

Teagun is such a cutie!!!