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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm one of those people who can never decide what picture(s) to share on here, so I like to share them all (lucky you!). So I have some catching up to do since I have been a total slacker lately. I still have some more Easter pictures to share and some from our visit with my sister.
This is Teagun's aunt's horse. Friendly guy. I tried to climb inside the fence to get some pictures from the other way and the horse would not get off the top of me...I like horses and all, but honestly, they kind of scare me - they weigh a ton more than I do and could crush me, so I like to keep my distance from them. It looks like I might be rubbing off on Teagun too - he wasn't too sure about the horse either!


Anne said...

That's awesome that Teagun wasn't scared at all. Took Ethan grocery shopping at Walmart and they had this mechanical pony thing they put upfront that the kids could "feed" and pet... Ethan would get near it but won't even touch it!!

Glad you had a great Easter with the family... love Teagun's sweater too by the way! :)

Anne-Marie said...

Share them all! You know we love your pictures. That last one of Teagun and the horse is fantastic. I love how he's looking right at the horse, even if he's not so sure about it.

Kim Harms said...

I LOVE the third picture! That is adorable! Great pics and what a handsome little boy you have! :)

And I agree... share as many as you want! I LOVE seeing them!!

Jennifer said...

These are so cute! I am the same way and can never decide which ones to share. Share them all, I love seeing all your pictures!