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Friday, April 6, 2007

Play Yard

Teagun was in heaven in my sister's backyard - a huge play yard with swing, slide, trampoline, and best of all, sand with big trucks and tractors. We are definitely going to have to look into investing in something similar to this. He is still a little young I think because it made me very nervous when he climbed up in to the play house to go down the slide and I was right on top of him, but I'm sure by next summer this would be a huge hit!


Jami said...

wow! that looks like heaven for little ones. I would be nervous too. We've been looking for one for Zack, but they make we nervous, so I may wait another year.

We took Zack to a different park on Monday. I made Ryan take over watching Zack and I held the dog b/c he was making me way too nervous. There were kids everywhere and far too many ways to fall to the ground and the biggest slides I've ever seen. He kept getting away from me and I had to push kids out of my way to catch up. I couldn't take it. I finally said its time to go, b/c it was worse being on the ground watching just knowing he would fall and I had to keep the dog away from the kids and other dogs and couldn't catch him.

Bri said...

that is very cool! My parents have a huge playground so Andrew will have a lot of fun when he gets older. Our backyard is way too small to put anything in it!

Kimberly said...

WOW! Very cool backyard!!! I bet the kids had a BLAST!