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Friday, April 25, 2008


Is that a real word? Anyway - where did this week go? Flew by, that's all I know! My baby turned 5 months old yesterday. Seriously - 5 months old already?!?! Makes me really sad when I sit and think about it, but her little personality is really starting to show and I can't wait to see it even more as she grows. She still has only rolled one way (back to front) and that is far and few between. She absolutley hates tummy time and I'm a bad mommy and don't force her to do it, I'm not too worried about it though because Teagun was the same way and he learned how to crawl just fine. Her neck is plenty strong even without doing a lot of tummy time! She loves to eat her toes and listen to her own voice. She has a smile that will melt your heart (even when you are awake with her for the third time in the middle of the night!). She just adores Teagun. It is just so amazing and fills my heart with such pride when you see how she looks at him. And he is way better at getting her to laugh than anyone else!


20080413--14 b&w


Oh, and since I mentioned being up in the middle of the night...guess where I am tonight? At the beautiful, historic, Davenport Hotel. After a few long sleepless nights, my WONDERFUL husband called me from work at the beginning of the week telling me not to make plans for Friday night because he had reserved me (yes, just ME!) a room at the Davenport so I could just relax, have some "me" time, and best of all - get a FULL night of sleep. I'm so excited. So I sit here on a very comfy king size bed typing this. He did meet me and we went out for a nice dinner together and then he headed home to stay with the kids. I'm looking forward to a full night of uninterrupted sleep, but will miss my babies!

(Teagun took this himself with the remote - he loves that thing!)


Have you heard that age 3 is harder than age 2? I had heard a rumor that if you didn't think age 2 was very hard, wait for age 3. This is proving to be very true for us. I swear, the day Teagun turned 3, he is the whiniest kid I have ever met. And he started talking back. What the heck is that about??? I am really hoping this is just a very short phase and is not something we will have to deal with for a whole year!


We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. Well, is it still technically a "remodel" when you don't change the structure of it? I guess it is more of an update. No more 70's brown appliances! We had been without a sink, dishwasher, and water in the kitchen since Sunday since our countertops were being installed. Those were finished Wednesday evening, so Trevor was able to install the sink last night. It is really hard not having a working kitchen! Now Trevor will be putting tile on the floor and backsplash and it should be done...hopefully that doesn't take too long! I will try to remember to post some pictures once it is all done.

The weather ::rolling eyes:: Seriously, it is Apr. 25th - quit snowing (even if it is only a little!) and warm up!!! I swear, this is the winter that will never end! Anyone other locals tired of this weather? I guess this weekend is supposed to be nice, so that is something to look forward too!


Well, I'm off to bed. I'm sure I will be a whole new person tomorrow having gotten a full night's sleep! :)


Jami said...

First - Emery looks so much older in the first picture. Her hair is getting long! Pig tails in no time!!

Second - Zack just started acting up too. He is sneaking the terrible twos in just under the wire. He has had more time outs at daycare in the past two weeks, then he has ever had. He spit water in a kid's face last week! You're not alone! I hope it's a quick phase.

Jami said...

I forgot - I hope you enjoyed your night out! Can you have Trevor talk to my husband? major points!!

Anne-Marie said...

I so love that shot of Teagun! I can't even imagine he'd ever be any less sweet. I think you're making up this talking back stuff :P I hope you enjoyed your night of peace. I cannot believe how quickly Emery's growing!

Jenn said...

Wow. You got a whole night of sleep at a nice hotel? I am so jealous. Then again, I don't have two kids, so I shouldn't be. I was wondering, what is the font you have on your current banner? I really like it.

Miller Mommy said...

YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY! Can you have Trevor call Steve? Way cool thing he did!

Emery and those beautiful eyes! What a heartbreaker she is going to be!!

You mean Teeghun is going to be worse at 3 than he is at 2? OH GREAT!?!!