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Monday, April 21, 2008

Petting Farm

The mommy playgroup we belong to went to a petting farm on Friday. It was seriously soooo cold. Luckily Trevor had the day off so he could stay home with Emery or I would have possibly not even gone. But Teagun had a great time feeding the goats, getting kisses from the llamas, and riding the pony even in this freezing weather we continue to have here!





Andrea said...

His hat is so cute! It is April though- I wish the weather would warm up already- sheesh!

Jami said...

that looks like so much fun! We are finally getting some warmer weather. I hope it heads your direction soon.

Miller Mommy said...

That does look like fun! I cannot believe you aren't having warmer temps yet! Hang on, soon enough it will be 90 and then we will be wishing for cooler temps! It finally hit the 70's here this week!!