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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Rides

Both Trevor and Teagun have gotten new pick-ups recently. Trevor had a single cab pick-up that our family could not fit in, so we went and bought a four-door Toyota Tundra. It is very nice and roomy!
And Teagun got a new Puh-Puh-Power Wheels (how he says it) Ford F150 Pick-up for his birthday from us. This is the day he received it. He loves it and I'm amazed at how well he can drive it (well, after running into his dad's truck and a tree and getting yelled out - he now does pretty darn well!).



Making sure he has good music playing on the radio


Got stuck 4x'ing out in the field already



Anne-Marie said...

So cute. We saw a kid riding around on a Power Wheels today at the playground, and Brick was mesmerized. We may have to invest in one of those!

Jami said...

nice wheels!! Ryan wants to upgrade Zack's small power wheel, but our garage is overflowing with crap and we live on a busy county road so he doesn't have a good place to drive it.

Jennifer said...

Too cute! I love it!! I was the same way when we gave Devin his and couldn't believe how well he could drive it!

Miller Mommy said...

I love this! We have been talking about getting Teeghun one but maybe we will wait until he is three :)
Love the pic of him pushing it!!