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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


aka "Babycakes" and "Miss E"

Loves, loves, loves to eat. Both Trevor and I have decided she is probably going to be the child who gets his super tall genes and outgrow her brother when they are teenagers! :)

Hates: TBD

Adores her big brother. I am always so amazed at how closely she watches Teagun. So cute!

Started to really giggle last week and it is sooo cute. You really have to work hard for it though! Also, started rolling this weekend (as I mentioned below). No more leaving her on the couch and bed unless we are right next to her!

Has the most beautiful blue eyes when the light hits them right!




Angela said...

She looks so much like Teagun!

She's absolutely beautiful!

Kimberly said...

yep...she's a little Teagun and she's absolutely beautiful!

Gummy Mommy said...

I'm inlove with Emery's facial expressions... she always makes me smile.. and gosh, she's so incredibly beautiful... aaaaahh

Janice said...

Beautiful!!! Just beautiful! And Teagun, too!

And can I just say that I looooooove the photo of you and the kids!!!!!! Great comp, focus, everything about it is awesome!

Jami said...

she really looks like Teagun. I would love to see a picture of him at the same age to compare them. Beautiful eyes!!