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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Post Just to Post

Wow, I have not been motivated to post lately. I seriously do not even think I have taken a picture of Teagun this week...I am pretty sure that is a record for me (though I did take pictures of other people's kids this week so I didn't completely ditch my camera). I am not sure why, but I am feeling very uncreative lately and so have not been motivated to break it out at home. I will try to take some tomorrow.

Trevor and I went and watched the Broadway show "Annie" today and went out to dinner. It was fun. Those kids in that show are sooo amazing! If it comes through your town, it is definitely worth seeing!


Kimberly said...

ooooo I've been wanting to see that show! I use to dream about being Annie when I was little! And I let everyone know it...."the sun will come up tomorrow...."

Jami said...

I'm so jealous. I LOVE Annie. Did Trevor go willingly? I don't think I'd be able to drag Ryan. He mentioned The Producer's once, but never bought tickets.

Jaidean said...

Jami - No...I pretty much just bought the tickets and said we were going! He was amazed at how good the kid's were, but he still said "it wasn't his thing!" :)

Mich said...

I've been in a rut, too!! I want you to get out of it though b/c I love seeing the pics ;-)

Thanks for the Annie tip - I have a reputation for watching that movie 100 times a day when I was a wee-little thing...I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for it in this area!

Jami said...

LOL!! I'll have to try that!