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Monday, February 19, 2007

Lightning & Mater

Teagun absolutely loves the movie Cars. He is constantly talking about Lightning, Mater, and Sally. This weekend his grandma bought him a Lightning car and a pillow with Lightening and Mater on it. I don't think he has put those things down since. He was playing with them, laying down and hugging Lightning like a teddy bear, and then when he was watching the movie he had to hold them of course (but he can't forget Scoop either)! Funny kid!


Janice said...

Oh my gosh, the last two you took are my favorites! So adorable!! My son Cameron is also obsessed with the movie and the characters and has to sleep with his little Lightning McQueen car in his crib.

I love seeing your beautiful photos. Keep'em coming :-)!!!

Jami said...

these are so cute. I love when they get attached to a toy and carry it everywhere.

Jennifer said...

Too cute! I LOVE the third picture. Devin is exactly the same he loves that movie and all the characters. The only way to get him to sit still is put in that movie.

Anne said...

Ethan LOVES Lightning McQueen... he has this car that talks when you hit it and it drives me nuts!! Every once in a while you'd hear "I'm built for speed, not slammmin!" LOL

Teagun's adorable!

Erin said...

Cute! When did Teagun become interested in playing with cars/trucks? I am still waiting for Dylan to show interest in toy cars/trucks and push them around. He loves the real ones though.