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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Parenting 101

REMEMBER TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR CHILDREN!!! Seriously, can I be anymore stupid? I even brought it with me and then left it in the suitcase and totally spaced it when we left to go to my sister's graduation (outside obviously). It wasn't all that warm and pretty cloudy, so I honestly didn't think much of it. Now my pale little boy looks like a little red lobster! This is about 10 hours after graduation and definitely the height of the redness. Lots of Aloe lotion over the past 24 hours and it looks MUCH better today, thankfully. I still feel so bad though. Lesson learned though and hopefully I won't be making that mistake again this summer!

So these are just snapshots - we took Teagun bowling for the first time this weekend and I wanted to post some of those pictures (coming soon), but figured I'd better explain my little lobster-boy first!


Janice said...

Poor little guy! Hey, we all have those moments where we can't remember everything, now can we? I am definitely one of those moms that always manages to forget something - and I don't have the excuse of "pregnant-woman-brain"!

Kimberly said...

Ouch! Thanks for the reminder...I'm sort of bad about remembering the sunscreen (hanging my head in shame.) But it looks like Teagun was having fun despite the burn!

Jennifer said...

Oh no, poor Teagun. That looks so painful. I am so bad about remembering sunscreen, especially when it isn't really sunny out. It looks like he is still having fun though.

Jami said...

I wouldn't think about sunscreen at a graduation either.

Angela said...

awww..poor little baby!