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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Motorcycles and Race Cars

We went to a little carnival while we were in Montana. Teagun was sooo excited to ride on the motorcycles - he was just beside himself when we put him on there. I honestly did not think he would like it once it started moving though. It was a little big for him and as it went around it went up and down like it was going over hills. He doesn't even really care for the carrousel that we have here in town when Trevor is riding with him. But he surpised me and LOVED it. He rode it several times! There were also a couple different race car rides that he enjoyed, but the motorcycles were definitely the biggest hit!


Jennifer said...

These pictures are just so cute! It looks like he is having so much fun! I don't think Devin would sit on that motorcycle by himself!

Andrea said...

These are great! He looks so grown-up behind the wheel! I love the angle of the first pic- very cool.

Kim Harms said...

How cute is he! You can tell he loved it by the smile on his face!

Jami said...

How fun!! I've thought about taking Zack to the amusement park near us. It has a large area with kids rides. I didn't think he was old enough to sit still for the rides. Maybe I'll try it after seeing Teagun's pictures. I would probably run around the fence in circles following the ride b/c I'm afraid he'd fall or try to get out.