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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Whew! It's over!!!

Now don't get me wrong - Christmas is great, but it can wear you out. Especially with a 20 month old who refuses to nap because there is so much going on. We made it though and it was a wonderful Christmas. Santa brough Teagun a chair and table set for his new "big boy" room that we will be redoing soon. He got so many great gifts, but his favorites so far are his vacuum (yay, maybe I will have someone who will like to clean our house in a few years!!!) and his drill (yes, he takes after his daddy!). I am on vacation this week, thankfully. Both Teagun and I can rest and get the house situated and presents put away. I will mostly be sharing pictures taken over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day throughout the week. We hope everyone had a joyous and happy Christmas!

(I thought I would add a Santa picture where he wasn't screaming - he did warm up to him!)


Lyndsay said...

so cute Jaidean! Taryn has the same "dusty" vaccum cleaner and she LOVES it. I've learned to turn it off when she's not playing with it though, especially after the other night at midnight I was sitting on the couch working and all of a sudden I hear "THIS PLACE IS A MESS!"....LOL Just what I needed, a reminder!!

Anonymous said...

oh and wait until it starts coughing and says 'HUHG, HAIRBALL!" Hilarious!!