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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What does "photography" mean to you?

Someone posted this on a photography board I visit saying that she has a hard time putting what it means to her in words (besides the obvious of capturing the moment) and it got me thinking. That is a hard one. People, kids especially, change so much so quickly I just want to capture that exact moment, that exact expression...I want to be able to look at the photo and be able to remember the time vividly and want people to look at my pictures and wonder why is he laughing so hard, why is he pouting, etc. I want to bring that exact moment in time back to tell the story. I guess it all goes back to capturing the moment and maybe that is exactly what it means to me. As the original poster states, "it is fascinating to freeze an instant in time and to be able to hold onto that forever!" So very true!!!

And here is a couple pictures to share that I took this summer that I absolutely love that I think tell a great story! We had just filled in our pool and our whole backyard was a huge sandbox and Teagun was loving it! He would walk up to the top of the hill and take off running and would end up falling facedown into the sand. He was laughing so hard and having so much fun.

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