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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A gorgeous family

I met up with this wonderful family this morning. Rachael and I are on a photo message board together, so if was great to finally get to meet her in person. They are from Coeur d' Alene and made the trek over into my neck of the woods for some family pictures. Her kids did awesome despite the freezing temperatures this morning. I did feel bad for Baby T the end of the session her lips were turning as blue as her gorgeous eyes! She was such a trooper though!


20081011-DSC_1432 b&w

C was more interested in watching the ducks than looking at me! I don't blame him - they are more interesting!


Look at all her hair. She is just a couple weeks younger than Emery and I just can't believe how much hair she has. Just adorable! Can't wait to be able to put Emery's hair in lil' piggy tails!
20081011-DSC_1466  b&w


Isabel said...

So cute! Wonderful job and such a gorgeous family =)

Missy said...

Great job capturing such a beautiful family!!! I love the one on the little girl!++